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My philosophy is that a gym is not required to maintain a fitness lifestyle. All you need is space and body weight, equipments are optional as well, especially if you are a beginner. Start light and easy with your body weight and incorporate weight, resistance and equipments as you go.

No Gym, no problem.

This exercise for me was one of the most challenging I have attempted. It took a lot of practice and patience. Single leg squat is a great way to build those glute and calf muscles in addition to helping your balance and stability. Weights are optional.

Medicine Ball Full-body Routine.
Medicine Ball exercises are a great way to work on balance, agility and core stability.

Kettlebell exercises can be use for a whole body workout. These exercises were focused on legs glutes and arms. Using a 10-15 lb kettlebell, give these a try.


 Bosu Ball exercises not only strengthen your upper body, they are also a great way to strengthen and stabilize the core muscles. 


Bosu Ball cardio exercises are a great way to work on balance and agility. 


The foam roller is a great way to warm up muscles before a workout or loosen up overworked areas after a workout. 


Core exercises not only strengthen the abdominal muscles, they are also great for the back and obliques.  A stable core is the foundation for all functional body movements.   

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