“I considered myself a healthy person, I ate well and exercised regularly but I was derailed when I had two kids in two years. I contacted Peta-Gay to get back into my healthy lifestyle and she was great! She was very flexible with when and where we would meet (we went to my inlaws so they could watch the kids), always positive, and gave me great physical challenges. She is very knowledgeable about diet and has great exercise routines. I would highly recommend her” 

Natalie Bouchard  
Former Client

“Barrett Fitness is motivating, encouraging, knowledgeable and reliable. In almost a year I don’t think we have ever done the same workout twice. She finds way to keep it fun but challenging” 

Mollie Waters 


“I have been with Barrett Fitness for over a year. Always a great workout! Peta-Gay is amazing and keeps me focused on my goals. I look forward to my workouts and leave feeling like the time spent was well worth it. Peta will encourage you to really push your body and maximize each session, within your limits. If you’re looking for positive motivation and a fun/energetic trainer to encourage you along your fitness and lifestyle journey, look no further!” 

Jessica Voss 

“Peta-Gay is by far the FIRST and ONLY Personal Trainer who has helped me to understand how to lose weight the “right”/”healthy” way. Before meeting her I had a distorted way of thinking when it came to exercise and food. She thoroughly educated me on both. She took a “Personal” interest in my weight loss goals; explaining and teaching me what healthy eating is and the right amount of exercise needed to get to my weight loss goal. AND! Training didn’t stop after we left the gym. She came through for me at the most critical time…After we left the gym! When I needed it the most! It didn’t take me long to find out that being a Personal Trainer is not Peta-Gay’s job; it’s the very essence of who she is! She teaches by her example; when it comes to eating and exercise. She embodies healthy living; her whole life is about living a healthy lifestyle. One of the MANY things about her is that if you really want it; she wants it just as bad as you do!”

Stephanie Houston