Thanks to Mizuno I Found the Perfect Running Shoe.

On July 4th I competed in the world’s largest 10k, The AJC Peachtree Road Race in my home city of Atlanta. This year was my 8th year running in this event and was super stoked about this one, not only because it was the 50th anniversary of the race, or that their were of 60,000 of my pals runners, but this year I was happy to be sponsored by Mizuno Running.

I was given a pair of the limited edition Peachtree 50th Rider WAVEKNIT™ that were made in celebration of the 50th running of the AJC peachtree road race.

Day 1 of my new kicks. Fresh and clean for about an hour.

I had a little over a month to train in and get by shoes broken in for the race and I did just that. My WAVEKNIT™ were soft, comfortable and stylish. Most of my runs leading up to the race were after a long day of work, and if you have ever met a hotel manager you know, we are always on the move and tired feet comes with the territory. That did not prevent me from running 3-4 days per week in the month leading up to the race, as I was confident I had a great pair of running shoe. The Mizuno WAVEKNIT™ were comfortable, light, and soft on the inside, but had the support, stability and balance I needed to help me reach beyond and get me through my after work runs.

As expected the weather in Atlanta was hot, humid and sticky, but my shoes were on point with the top mesh that allowed my feet to breath and stay cool throughout the race. The red, white, blue and gold colors had me running not only in comfort and style, but also in honor of the American history.

Decked out in my red, white, gold and blue Mizuno gear.

I can truly say this was one of the most comfortable shoes I have ran in and wanted to thank Mizuno for the opportunity to rock these babies on this special day. Mizuno, you have totally won me over.

Follow the link below to get yours today.

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